Sunday FUN-Day Special

Shayla's Loaded Bloody Mary at Amvets 147 in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Sunday is special alright! Come in from noon to 4PM and enjoy Shayla’s LOADED Bloody Mary. It’s her own tangy and delicious mix topped with bacon, shrimp, cheese, peperoni, olives and of course a celery stalk. There’s even a WAFFLE on this thing for crying out loud! WHAT?!?!?

Just when you think Sunday can’t get any more special… Julie prepares and lays out a delectable food spread that members and guests can enjoy for FREE! Yes… You read that right! FREE! Come get some of that good home cookin’!

Relax and watch the game on one of our many LCD screens and just enjoy this time.

Shayla’s Bloody Mary Sunday

Shayla's Bloody Mary Sunday

“I’ll tell you what! Bloody Mary is may favorite adult beverage and I consider myself something of a connoisseur. I had Shayla’s blend last night and it was delicious. I’m telling you it would challenge any contenders. That wasn’t even a loaded Bloody Mary like the ones she serves on Sundays! Wait until you try one of THOSE! So yes! Shayla’s Bloody Mary passes my taste test with flying, savory colors.”

Amvets Post 147 President